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The TEECH Foundation Far Southside ROSC Initiative. Have you Claimed Your Freedom?

Join the TEECH foundation in person or on-line on August 29th at 10AM for a discussion on "Transitioning in Recovery(Multiple Paths to Recovery" with Guest speaker Lashaun Rickman NCRS, RCS, CPRS.

The T.E.E.C.H Foundation's vision is to continue fighting the fight of addiction by building a platform of unity and resources through advocacy and education with the goal of sustaining long-term recovery. T.E.E.C.H strives to build communities that no longer fear or stigmatize the recovering or mentally challenged person but treats them with dignity and respect; therefore, offering services to make this vision a reality. T.E.E.C.H. provides a variety of recovery services and community outreach programs. If you would like more information about their services, please visit their website at

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