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What time are your worship services?

Sunday mornings beginning at 10:30am. We are in-person (following COVID Safety Protocols) or on Facebook Live.

Where do we park?

The Bethany Union Church parking lot is located on the Southeast corner of 103rd and Wood Streets. There are entrances on both 103rd St and Wood St. Parking is free for those worshipping at the church. The lot is well maintained, lighted, and safe.

What about Public Transportation?

We are right on the CTA bus line and it stops right in front of the Church Building. We are just one block East of the Beverly Train stop for 103rd Street.

What kind of music will we hear during worship?

Pastor says the only "kind" of music we should have is "Excellent" since it is for the Worship of our God. You will find we will use various styles of music but always done in the "best we can offer" way. Our typical Sunday morning worship is filled with music. The professional Vocal Ensemble offers a Song of Praise and an Offertory Anthem. The Ensemble leads the congregation in songs from our hymnal, typically singing three hymns each service. The congregation also sings the Doxology (Praise God from whom all blessings flow...) and the Gloria Patri (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and ...). The service begins with a Prelude of organ and/or piano music, and we close our service with a choral benediction and a Postlude of music.

What about the children?

We worship as a family of faith.  Every age and stage of maturity and faith worships all together in the Lord's Sanctuary.  Children, babies and Service animals are all welcome as is young, middle-aged and older adults.  We worship as a family of faith and as one.

Where do we go once we get there?

The Bethany Union Family welcomes visitors. When coming for Worship you will need to come to our beautiful Sanctuary which is located in the place furthest away from Wood Street. We have Greeters stationed to help give directions but it is really easy to catch the flow. Please sign the visitor book so we can keep in touch.


If you are entering the Worship Service before 10:30 a.m. please sit anywhere you like.  If you happen to come into the service late (at or after 10:30 a.m.) also please sit anywhere you like, but do know we will all be watching you. It's just human nature.  Don't let that inhibit you in any way.  We are glad even if you come late.  

What is Bethany Union all about?

Since we are human, we are a hot mess.  We don't pretend to be anything else.  We do agree that being human is a great gift, and we seek to honor the giver of that gift by hearing well the Word of Messiah Jesus, who says, "Be compassionate, as your Heavenly Father is compassionate." Luke 6:36

Our Heavenly Father is compassionate, according to Exodus 34:6, Deut. 4:31, as well as the Prophets who call God compassionate in Joel 2:31, Jonah 4:2, and 2 Samuel 24:14.  Our King Messiah affirms what Scriptures have already revealed that COMPASSION is what God is all about and wants us also to be all about it like God is.  At Bethany Union Church of Chicago, we intentionally Cultivate Compassion, and we do so with gusto and flare.​

Cultivating Compassion is our Mission driven by the Vision we have received from Christ in His words to us to be like our Heavenly Father: compassionate!

We measure our energy, time, financial, and material resources against Cultivating Compassion.  We ask, "How is what we are doing cultivating compassion in this world?"  If we don't have any sense that what we are doing is cultivating compassion, we stop doing it and explore other ways that will and do.

We seek to Cultivate Compassion in our learning and development at every faith stage, our services, our worship, and all that we support at Bethany Union Church of Chicago must be in-line, tuned-in, relevant and spot-on for Cultivating Compassion.  This is the Community Church of Christ Jesus we call home.

How do I contact Bethany Union Church?

For Pastoral Emergencies, go right to the top, Pastor Lawrence Cameron at 734-652-1471. For other questions regarding, church calendar, benevolence, facility usage, or something else, contact the church office at 773-779-0123, or email The office is generally open from 9:00a – 5:00p, Monday-Saturday. If there is no answer, leave a detailed message with your name and contact information, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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