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August Sermon Series

Beloved of the Lord,

How can this be August already? The last month of Summer 2023. It hardly seems possible to me that Summer is all but come and now about gone. I hope you are doing well and that the joys that can be found in Summer have found you and made your heart sing.

Our Sermon Messages in August will be from a new sermon series Pastor Larry has written and entitled, “The Spirituality of Amore.” It cannot be argued that Jesus taught, demonstrated and lived a lived of love/amore. His foundational teachings and message is that love comes from God the Father and is given to us by Him and with Him and through Him. Love is the beginning and end of all things and love is the reason life exists. But what does that mean for us who can opt in or out and and who are invited into the fold of His love? How does our life and spirituality exists within the framework of Divine love? How are we nurtured and grown in love to serve with love the author of love? During the four weeks of August and concluding in the first week of September we will embrace these topics and dive deeply into a scriptural awareness of God’s wonderful plan and path. Here are the individual messages for each of the weeks;

August 6, 2023 = “The Spirituality of Amore; #1 What does Surrender have to do with it?”

August 13, 2023 = “The Spirituality of Amore; #2 Love and Fear.”

August 20, 2023 = “The Spirituality of Amore; #3 The ‘O’ Word.”

August 27, 2023 = “The Spirituality of Amore; #4 Transformational Love.”

And we will conclude this Sermon Series of Sunday

September 3, 2023 with the message, “The Spirituality of Amore; #5 Becoming Love.”

I pray this finds you well and in good spirits. Let us not neglect the public gathering for worship and join together our hearts, minds and souls as we seek to live the Godly life of our salvific call. May the Lord leads us in all things to Him and His will for our lives. I will see you in Church,

+Pastor Larry Cameron

12th Seated Pastor of the Historic Bethany Union Church of Chicago.

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