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Protest Levav Properties Eviction of 100+East Beverly Residents

On May 24, 2023, without warning, more than 100 tenants living in seven Levav Properties buildings between 103rd and 111th Street received lease non-renewal notices. These notices informed them that they would need to find new housing by the end of September at the latest; some tenants were even told they would need to move out by the end of July. In response to this crisis, tenants formed O’Shea Neighbors United (ONU) to work together to assert their humanity and fight for their rights. ONU consists of elders, families with children, and subsidized tenants, many of whom have been residing in their buildings for over 20 years. The tenants of ONU believe that these non-renewal notices are an act of gentrification, considering their buildings' proximity to the 103rd, 107th, and 111th Metra Stations.

Your neighbors in ONU refuse to be displaced from our community and demand accountability from Levav Properties. They have already reached out to Levav Properties with the hope of initiating the process of good-faith negotiations. Below is a list of ONU's reasonable demands:

  • ONU demands rent forgiveness if we are not given the opportunity to renew our leases

  • ONU demands additional time beyond the 60 or 120 days given to us if we are not given the opportunity to renew our leases

  • ONU demands financial relocation assistance if we are not given the opportunity to renew our leases

  • ONU demands Levav Properties give tenants who want to stay the opportunity to renew their leases and engage in good-faith negotiations around reasonable rent increases

Levav Properties has thus far ignored ONU’s request to meet and negotiate around these basic demands. ONU needs the support of the community and our elected officials to push Levav Properties to begin the process of collaborative negotiations. Accordingly, ONU will be staging a protest on July 19 at 4:00 p.m. at 10320-28 S. Walden Parkway. For more information about how you can participate, please contact

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