Jesus says, "Be compassionate, as your Heavenly Father is compassionate." Luke 6:36

About Our Church

 At Bethany Union Church of Chicago, we

intentionally Cultivate Compassion.

Cultivating Compassion is our Mission

driven by the Vision we have received from Christ

in His words to us to be like our Heavenly Father: compassionate!

We measure our energy, time, financial and material resources against Cultivating Compassion.

We ask, "How is what we are doing cultivating compassion in this world?" 

We seek to Cultivate Compassion in our learning and development

at every faith stage, our services, our worship, and all that we support

at Bethany Union Church of Chicago

must be in-line, tuned-in, relevant and spot-on for

Cultivating Compassion. 

This is the Community Church of Christ Jesus we call home.

On May 5, 1872, necessity made "denominations" a secondary consideration​​ to the Worship of God and the care of His people.

Bethany Union was born!


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