About Our Church

"To Change the World By Allowing God to Change Us!"

Our Covenant

We bind ourselves together in the spirit of Christ; and covenant one with another to maintain the worship of God;

to sustain the ministry of religious education; and to seek for ourselves and for one another the love of truth,

the bond of friendship, and the spirit of service.

Historic Concept

 The church is a fellowship open to all who care for life’s highest values, for those convictions and ideals and hopes that stay our hearts and inspire us to do our best. It is the duty of the church to enliven the day with dreams of a better and more satisfying life, to kindle the mind with the light of faith, and to enlist the will to be devoted to those things worthy of our best efforts.

All are welcome who wish to worship together and are willing to share as they may in this kind of enterprise.

Jesus says, "Be compassionate, as your Heavenly Father is compassionate." Luke 6:36

 At Bethany Union Church of Chicago we intentionally Cultivate Compassion.
Cultivating Compassion is our Mission driven by the Vision we have received from Christ in 
His words to us to be like our Heavenly Father: compassionate!

We measure our energy, time, financial and material resources against

Cultivating Compassion.

We ask, "How is what we are doing cultivating compassion in this world?" 

We seek to Cultivate Compassion in our learning and development at every

faith stage, our services, our worship, and all that we support at

Bethany Union Church of Chicago must be in-line, tuned-in, relevant and

spot-on for Cultivating Compassion. 

This is the Community Church of Christ Jesus we call home.

On May 5, 1872, necessity made "denominations" a secondary consideration

to the Worship of God and the care of His people.

Bethany Union was born!


Bethany Union Church began with no denominational ties

or strings;

150 years later we maintain the same lineage of being nothing but a people of God devoted to Worship, Religious Education and the Fellowship of Believers.

There is room for everyone at Bethany Union Church and we guard each persons dignity. We are a people with multiple

ethnic backgrounds, traditions and religious affiliations. 


We set everything aside except Christ and we strive to love

and be agents of peace and understanding. 

We welcome anyone who comes in peace and seeks understanding -both being understood and choosing to try

and understand ourselves and others better.

Come and See!

You can know what it is like to be in a place where understanding and acceptance are esteemed and

where hope is ever-growing.