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Scout Sunday

Bethany Union Church, Boy Scout Troop #607, and Cub Scout Pack #3607 celebrate Scout Sunday on the second Sunday of February, 2/12/2023. It is meant to mark the founding of Scouting in the United States. The Scouts, in uniform, attend and participate in the Worship Service as liturgists, readers, and speakers of what Scouting means to them. This day offers the congregation an opportunity to honor their Scouts and Scouters and learn about the value of Scouting in Bethany Union Church. This Year, Michael Rudd, Scoutmaster of #607, and Mike Crispo, Cubmaster of #3607, are pleased to have scouts Andrew Hollinger, David Hollinger, Seamus Murphy, George Donohue, and Ato Kamberus take part in the service.

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