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Meanings Mean

Has the circle moved in closer? Or perhaps it is a noose that has tightened? Not only has someone moved my cheese, they have proven to me that cheese isn’t what I should be chasing after in the first place. The sands of time have shifted! Whirling, twirling, moving always to a more dizzying place leaving no stone unturned in the heroic and horrific fast paced slow dance we assign a name to but alas even by properly marking it and designating it as “Finished” we know that it is never so and always is and we just cannot seemingly distinguish anymore between the half-hearted and the no-hearted. Guesses and speculations are ever-present in this lack-luster poof of a moment that really has no cosmic validity other than what we assign it, discover about it, experience or manufacture concerning it. All in all they are but words. Words, words, words that are used to demonstrate one’s existence even if it is as insignificant and temporal as the seventeen year locusts.

So what does it all mean? And if not all how about some? Can you tell me what some of it is all about? And if not some how about any? Can you share with me what anything is about? And what happens if we are one day awakened to know that meaning is meaningless and all the meanings mean the same, very same, very exact same thing? Human‘s don’t really search for meaning. We assign meaning and live out those assignments, with a sometimes awareness that predicts and sometimes misses all-together the absurdity of the mental time warp in which we stand.

To assign this piece piece as nonsense, without meaning, without value and without merit is simply to affirm the stated obvious. I don’t get it either, but I am glad for the opportunity to not get it.

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