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Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc Recovery Services Provides a Path to Freedom From Addiction.

Brighter, Behavior, Choices Inc., is a not-for-profit, licensed Intervention and Recovery Home provider agency that provides a structural, alcohol, and drug free environment for women, housing opportunities, on site, peer-led recovery supportive services, and a referral service initiative program.

We identify potential problems, evaluate alternatives, implement positive solutions to all participants regardless of their past endeavors and grant the residents/clients a "Second Chance" enrichment of ambition, success, and a long-term goal of sobriety. Our peer-led groups and certified staff activities are directed towards the maintenance of sobriety, reduction in the homeless & unemployment ratio and the prevention of recidivism. We stress the importance of becoming "Self- Sufficient" No eligible woman will be turned away regardless of their ability to pay or because of race, color, creed, nationality and/or sexual orientation. For more information about their services please visit their website at

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