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Greetings and salutations! This is the initial post to the Historic Bethany Union Church’s New Blog. I hope you will be a regular reader and join me after every Monday‘s Blog entry. This shall be a weekly (and sometimes in addition) Blog. Please feel free to share it with family and friends. I believe that the ministry of this Historic Church is a ministry that is critically important, meaningful and attuned with our desire to seek and follow the will of God. Please also feel free to interact with what is written by posting your responses, questions or comments below for others to read.

Growing up and attending all sorts and kinds of Summer Camps that ranged from day to week long, in the woods and in the city many childhoods are enriched by the experiences and friendships that are formed. Camp is a good thing! It not only gives children constructive things to do it helps them acquire different sets of social skills and learning. At Bethany Union Church we are again this year the host site, for the third year in a row, of a wonderful, all girl iSTEM Summer Camp. Our camp is under the direction of Professor Amy and this year hosts only the younger girls. The older girls are at a different site this year. We have 25 very active, talented and adorable students enrolled this year and it looks like it will be another great camp.

I have been asked about why only girls at this camp and why is it about science and technology? I’m thinking it should be obvious, but not everyone chooses to live an informed and conscious life. We are providing a much needed, often neglected population with a subject matter that we as a people are lagging way behind in with rest of the world. Our females have not had the same encouragement or opportunity to pursue these subject matters as have our males. Misogyny seemingly is our national past time. We want to be able to encourage and promote the areas of science, math and technology to our young girls so that if they so feel drawn to the area they will be encouraged through this camp participation to pursue their interests. It is good for everybody only when it is good for everybody, and not just a selection for some because of their gender, race, etc. So, iSTEM Camp number three is now in motion and we covet your prayers and good thoughts as our young inventors learn how to code, build, think, design and experiment for the next two weeks. May they, and we get and keep all excited about the making of a better day!

Camp On!

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Michael Cameron

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