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Magnum Opus presented by Dr. Lawrence Michael Cameron

After 40+ years of study, education, and experience in the fields of Faith & Pastoral Care/Counseling, Dr. Lawrence Michael Cameron, the 12th Seated Pastor of the Historic Bethany Union Church of Chicago, will be offering his very best and most definitive teaching to date. Not only will this be offered on Wednesday evenings via Zoom and Facebook Live, but also on Sunday mornings in our Worship Service.

“Here Is What I’ve Got So Far” is the culmination of 40 years in the field of Theology and Recovery/Counseling, Four (4) degrees, a lifetime of service in the Church and Recovery Communities, and a passionate and critical yearning for the interior life.

Using a 12-step format, Dr. Cameron will walk with us as we put into action this modern tool of Recovery with the ancient paths and ways in which it reflects. As we couple the Way with current best practices in neuroscience and cognitive therapy and explore the spiritual/psycho-social realm of soul formation, we will hone the skills of discernment and look for the healing, serenity, and relief that we ache and long for in this life.

“We each have our inner program for happiness, our plans by which we can be secure, esteemed, and in control, and are blissfully unaware that these cannot work for us for the long haul—without our becoming more and more control freaks ourselves. Something has to break our primary addiction, which is to our own  power and our false programs for happiness.”

 ― Richard Rohr, Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and The Twelve Steps

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