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Join Us for National Back To Church Sunday September 18th at 10:30 A.M.

Since it started as a call to action and invitation for the church in 2009, the National Back to Church Sunday movement marks its thirteenth year and continues to gain momentum. It is a day focused on uniting the church to equip and empower members to be inviters. More than 5 million Christ followers have participated through 40,000 churches! Eight of ten people say they are open to visiting a church if invited—they are just waiting for an invitation.

For Back to Church Sunday, Bethany Union Church will have a special service that features exquisite music and inspiring messages of Hope. Being Church means coming together as a counter-culture who loves and trusts God, practicing radical hospitality and trust among ourselves, and welcoming everyone that comes and offering them our seat at the table where Christ serves them through His believers.

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Michael Cameron, the 12th Seated Pastor of Bethany Union Church, teaches, “Intentional gatherings of Christ’s Followers and Disciples are more important than ever in these chaotic and violent times. If we don’t gather, there is no Church. When we do gather, the Holy One is present. Come together with us!”

BTCS has a new theme this year, “Hope Happens Here,” that addresses a felt need in today’s culture. After two years of isolation and strife in our communities, people are ready to come together and find authentic community and Hope for a better world. It is the perfect day and time to rejoin or try a local church to find restoration, purpose, and Hope. Participating churches believe there has never been a better time than now for people to come back and get plugged into a church that offers friendships, opportunities to serve the community, and the chance to grow spiritually through a journey of personal faith. JoinUs!

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