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225+ Years of Modern Psychiatry. And we are still Cra Cra.

Shouldn’t things be getting better by now? I am aware that there have been amazing strides in how humans can live and flourish. But for most human beings an awareness of such things will all they seemingly ever have.

The reality of our human existence is that most humans live and die without traveling very far from their own backyard. Most humans who have lived and are living right now intimately know food scarcity. More people die from starvation issues today than at any other time in history. Most humans have never flown in an airplane. Most humans have not spent five dollars on a cup of their chosen beverage. Women everywhere still die giving birth. 1 to 3% of all humans alive right now have at their disposal most all of the wealth, resources and mobility Of the world.

How long have we in the First World countries, the industrial nations, the superpowers, the advanced culture and society, “Mercia” especially, been developing? Why have we not been able to heal, fix, educate, believe or engineer our country into sanity and wellness for all?

When will the promises of science, medicine, engineering, and education finally fix things so that we can at least increase the human “win” number by fifty percent? How about at least 20%? How about 5%? The truth is that we are going in the opposite direction. Fewer and fewer humans are in the rankings of the “elite class.” More and more of our citizens are incarcerated than ever before and there are more suicides and drug overdoses than at any other time in our history. Hate and the acting out of this emotion have manifested into crimes by astronomic proportions. More and more of our citizens are homeless and/or food challenged.

And, before all those high and mighty religious nuts chirp in, you all have been around ten times longer or more than the sciences. If what you are peddling was real and vital at all wouldn’t it have made a dent in things by now? All of you who are so certain that your “way” is the only right way and has all the answers to life and living why haven’t you been able to change the facts of our existence? In real time, there are more unhappy, depressed, anxious humans now than ever before. Even those who seeming have and enjoy material wealth are not any more less unhappy or suffering from mental disorders. Christians have the highest divorce rate. The so-called “Bible-belt” is also the largest consumer of porn in this country.

We had hoped in education as well, but how long and how many generations away are we from seeing significant improvements in the human condition via education? We have more PhDs, more Master degrees and more college graduates than at any other time in human history and what other than massive student loan debt has been acquired? Our public schools are more segregated today than they were before. Education has become a profitable consumer enterprise that is now more about something other than helping the human spirit soar. Education didn’t make a difference when it came to the Nazis’s. They had some of the most educated and brilliant minds of their day, but they were still Nazis. Education has not brought us closer together. We are even more polarized as a nation than ever before. Fears and myths are allowed and promoted along with pseudo-science that allows for the total death of this planet we call home. We may be way more opinionated but we are not any smarter as a species.

One might despair. But I think one only succumbs to that when one has put their trust in any human endeavor (including and especially religion or spirituality) as the way out or above or beyond our existence. Will we as a species become “awakened” or “enlightened” or smart enough, wise enough, rich enough, creative enough, or gifted enough to make the needed changes to save our species, all species and our planet too?

Perhaps life as the human being has known it for the past few thousand years has ran its course. I am sure that the dinosaurs never thought, “Someday all of this will be gone and we will be no more. And, then another species will argue over weather we even really existed or not, once upon a time.

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