Welcome to historic
Bethany Union Church
of Chicago

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On May 5, 1872, Bethany Union Church began with no denominational ties or strings; almost 150 years later we maintain the same lineage of being nothing but a people of God devoted to His/Her Worship,  Religious Education, and the Fellowship of Believers.  There is room for everyone at Bethany Union Church and we guard each person's dignity.  We are a mix of folks with multiple ethnic backgrounds, traditions, and religious affiliations.  We set everything aside except Christ and we strive to love and be agents of peace and understanding.  We welcome everyone and anyone who embraces peace and seeks understanding - both being understood and choosing to try and understand ourselves and others better.  Come and See!  You can know what it is like to be in a place where understanding and acceptance are esteemed and where hope is ever-growing.

Worship Services
Join our Faith Family
every Sunday at 10:30a.m.
Church Hours 
Sunday - 8am to 4pm
Monday - Friday  9am to 5pm
Saturday - by appointment


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International Council of
Community Churches

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Ukraine refugee relief efforts.

Community Services
We are proud to serve our community by offering vocational training, after school programs for kids, clothing donation for the needy and much more.
Please visit our community services page to learn more.
Connect With Us
We want to hear from you!
If you need Bethany Union’s support in prayer, or you’d like to visit and get more information about joining our faith family or any other outreach programs, please contact us through one of the links below.